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wallpaper laptop

when I put arashi picture for my wallpaper laptop
and then this is happens

gomen ne sho chan and aiba
gomen ne sakuraiba :D

I just love maou

Ohno's hair style in Maou as Naruse Ryo is too much kakkoi <3

Aoi Daisuki

Blue and Riida
I like them very much and when ohno wear blue clothes is too much for me

Maybe i will like yellow colour too #think

Ohmiya Love

I like their pose in this picture
Nino look like a girl with his sitting pose
I love riida leg's muscle and his adam's apple

Nino, Nino.... Ninooooooo!!!
what are you looking at?
what part of riida that make you has a serious stare?
I like when riida's mouth is open like that

why why why nino?
I think you are really has girl gene wkwk
your expression when you are shy is cutest
nee satoshi?

I think yellow is became my second favorite colour after blue

They are not changed so much
head to head

one of my favorite ohmiya picture
their smile
their interaction (Nino's hand especially)
look natural as same as their habits

Kokoro no Sora

When A blood type staring at Aiba

if we look AB face
maybe he want to be escape (right now)
by the way, Aiba's skin is darkest

when their newspaper (?) has a same treatment like AB
his response is "nani"

when their ohno has a same treatment too
and his response is space out

I love riida's pose and his expression
adorable nee


Just Jun in Fukkatsu Love

again, again, and again
just Jun is comming
why nino and aiba has a same pose?

Toma where are you? please be with jun #eh


Arashi CM

Arashi commercial
Riida's face when he eats his food is awesome
his pout mouth especially

discrimination between A blood type and AB blood type

discrimination between ohmiya, sakuraiba, and just jun
nande jun nande you're always difference and alone

and at the end of CM
Aiba has a difference pose (only AB)
Riida's hand in Nino's Shoulder is little attack for my heart
They are ussualy doing something althought just a little
but that make ohmiya lover kyaaaaaing

Riida oh Riida

My favorite Riida pose :3
photorgaphed from side angle

latest photo
his smile <3

I read a manga about arashi when they are child
and I compare picture of manga with real picture

kawaii nee

Trio Bakka

We are not appointment for wearing clothes in difference colour like this but it is exactly true


Finnaly 6 Februari 2016, I have a title bachelor of science

Thank you for my college teacher Dr. Andi Salamah
She is have a Ph.D title from Okayama university
We love you Mrs.

She is Silvia Sani (midle position)
left is me and Right is Mega
Silvi like Ninomi, Yamada Ryosuke, and Kamiki
She loves games very much

This is Eny
She is the winner of Pertamina Olympiad National in Biology section

There are my close friends
Endah, Rani, Me, and Mega
We have a difference blood type and personality

We wear a toga (clothes for graduation)
we are faculty of mathematic and natural science
and our colour is black and blue
for our campus (university of indonesia), the colour is yellow
university of money, university of Ninomi (yeaaaay)

and the middle of graduation, me and mega selfie like ohmiya

for your infomation
when we're graduation, our toga is difference colour each faculty
Faculty of law is Red --> Sakurai Sho
Faculty of Medicine is Green --> Aiba Masaki
Faculty of technic is Blue --> Ohno Satoshi
Faculty of public health is Purple --> Matsumoto Jun
and many more